Pancakes — Jelena

Waking up much later than expected  Selena felt much better than she did yesterday. Oversleeping was not always a good thing, and she hated it when it ended up with a headache. The long trip to Barcelona didn’t help much either. Sure, she was used to long trips, but she still hated them with passion. Selena knew this whole thing with Justin wasn’t a good idea, but she was desperate for breakfast at that moment, and she was way too lazy to get up and pend her morning in the kitchen.

Not even bothering to slip out of her usual sleep wear — a pair of short shorts and a loose one shoulder shirt, Selena got up from her bed and headed out of her room, towards the kitchen. Plopping herself down onto one of the kitchen stools in her new house, Selena leaned down over the table and grabbed her phone from the table, and unlocked it, waiting for Justin to arrive.